Future-proofing your infrastructure needs with our next-gen network software
rBlox provides the most effective fully modular network stack reducing complexity and increasing fault tolerance, entirely configured to best fit your enterprise needs, at a fraction of the cost.
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Ideal for data centers, cloud providers, network engineers, & more

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Why rBlox

rBlox compliments legacy frameworks like TCP/IP, enabling deployments at any scale.
rBlox enables the integration of a range of network functions and services including security mechanisms and customizable routing protocols through distributed trust establishments, and much more.
Network elements can be dynamically configured through the rBlox framework, more effectively utilizing resources, significantly cutting environmental and operational expenses.
rBlox's architecture can enhance the scalability of networks by allowing the partitioning of the network into manageable clusters.This enables more efficient resource allocation, routing, and management of large-scale deployments.
Flexibility is a key aspect of rBlox that allows it to adapt to various network environments and requirements.
rBlox's can strengthen the security mechanisms of networks by providing distributed trust establishment with programmable authentication and encryption mechanisms on the network level (Data Link layer for tech). This enhances the authenticity, integrity, and confidentiality of data exchanged within networks.

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rBlox is your number 1 unified software solution complimenting your existing hardware infrastructure, fully compatible with TCP/IP.

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Plans for all sizes

Like rBlox’s core product, our pricing models are equally flexible and designed to meet your specific enterprise needs.

Basic plan

Connected up to 4 devices
Software base-version
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asked questions

How does rBlox differ from similar products on the market?
rBlox replaces the underlying network architecture instead of modifying it.
How does your software improve performance and scalability compared to other networking solutions?
rBlox decreases complexity of network operations and in the same time provides more flexible ways to organize the nodes in the network.
Are there any security features built-in to your software?
Yes, rBlox integrates basic security features and provides mechanisms to add new ones.
Are there any industry specific use-cases where rBlox can show its benefits the most?
Mainly Blockchain, Data centers and IoT, Industries where there are high throughput of transactions, and Scalability, latency and security are considered major issues.