rBlox Core

rBlox’ innovative B2B network software optimizes processes to enhance performance, efficiency and security for non-PoW blockchain platforms, databases, and more.

rBlox integrates directly into most network libraries, generating faster yet more secure transactions with the benefit of reduced CPU and electricity consumption at the click of a button.
Electricity Consumption
CPU Consuption

rBlox Advantages

rBlox’s unique product design offers distinct advantages including:
Scalable and sustainable
networking stack
Enhanced accessibility and reliability
Fault tolerant with a distributed architecture
Heterogeneous networking stack
Cost efficient (hardware lifespan and cheaper to maintain)
Consistent point-to-point Qos (quality of service) mechanism
Fully programmable, flexible and adaptable
Low latency

Our Products

rBlox Core

Purchased a a stand-alone product
Installs directly onto network library

rBlox Full-stack Blockchain

Subscription model tailored to your enterprise needs
rBlox team dedicated to maintaining your service

asked questions

What are the system requirements for your software?
rBlox runs on Linux and admin/root privileges are needed.
Is your software compatible with different operating systems?
Currently rBlox is supported only on Linux.
Are there any security features built-in to your software?
Yes, rBlox integrates basic security features and provides mechanisms to add new ones.
How does your software improve performance and scalability compared to other networking solutions?
rBlox both simplifies network operations as well as creates more flexible ways to organize and manage the nodes in the network, thus improving performance and scalability.