May 6, 2023

rBlox partners with Solgés Energy to reduce consumption

rBlox, the startup which leverages blockchain technology to improve their security, scalability, and latency has partnered with Solgés Energy, which is involved in the promotion, development, design of innovative hybrid photovoltaic power plants to cut energy waste.

PARIS –– rBlox, a startup that overcomes the limitations of legacy internet infrastructure to reach new levels of security, scalability, and low latency, announced, today that it launched a new collaboration with the innovative french company Solgés Energy, which is involved in the promotion, development, design of innovative hybrid photovoltaic power plants to make power generation more efficient. 

Together, rBlox and Solgés Energy plan to revolutionize ecological power consumption by leveraging the cost and energy saving power of blockchain technology to optimize Solgés’ support for property owners of industrial sites disengaging from their responsibilities and upgrade their degraded sites with photovoltaic power plants more energy efficiently, and at a cost which makes post-industrial clean up much more affordable. 

Solgés Energy CEO Armen Sedefian said this of the partnership: “rBlox's know-how in the world of blockchain is a real technological innovation that will find its application in the control and management systems of renewable energy production infrastructures which are by definition intermittent. The system we are developing with rBlox will make it possible to have even more carbon-free renewable energy.“

Combined with Solgés Energy’s innovative use of photovoltaics in energy transition, rBlox’s performance-enhancing plugin will enable companies to easily integrate blockchain technology into their existing systems, having the effect of democratizing access to this technology for energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions to land regeneration.

“This partnership with Solgé Energy provides rBlox with the perfect opportunity to prove that blockchain solutions have real-world applications with effects that can be felt by the average person, with tangible environmental impact,” says rBlox co-founder and CEO, Hayk Mnatsakanyan, “when properly leveraged, blockchain can be both green and cost-effective”. 

rBlox’s new collaboration with Solgé Energy can be seen as a major step forward in the development of energy blockchain solutions. With these two companies' offerings, green customers now have access to a complete suit of blockchain tools at competitive prices.

About Solgé Energy

Founded in 2010, Solges Energy Group is committed to the development of carbon-free energy production infrastructure in France and internationally.

About rBlox

rBlox, a start-up founded in 2021 by Armenian and French entrepreneurs, aims to help companies leverage blockchain technology to improve their security, scalability, and latency, so they can increase transactions per second, optimize costs and grow their revenue.

This product integrates directly into all non-PoW blockchain network libraries, generating faster yet more secure transactions with the benefit of reduced CPU and electricity consumption.

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