May 6, 2023

rBlox and AstraKode Join Forces to Make Blockchain More Accessible for Enterprises

PARIS--rBlox, a startup that overcomes the limitations of legacy internet infrastructure to reach new levels of security, scalability, and low latency, is pleased to announce a new collaboration with AstraKode, a low-code platform for the development of blockchain networks and smart contracts.

This partnership will make it easier, faster, and more cost-effective for enterprises to adopt blockchain solutions. AstraKode will provide a low-code platform for the development of blockchain networks and smart contracts, while rBlox will offer an easy-to-install network software plugin solution for existing blockchain platforms.

With this collaboration in place, blockchain will become more accessible for enterprises, and will help them take full advantage of Internet 3.0. rBlox's innovative approach to internet optimization will provide a stronger tech infrastructure for the AstraKode platform, while AstraKode's low-code platform for the development of blockchain networks and smart contracts.

“AstraKode is playing a fundamental role in allowing widespread enterprise blockchain adoption through its low-code platform, making this partnership extremely interesting for both parties. rBlox is delighted to bring value in making blockchain faster, more scalable, more secure and further democratize its adoption for AstraKode users.” said Hayk Mnatsakanyan, CEO of rBlox.

Combined with AstraKode’s user-friendly platform, rBloxe’s performance-enhancing plugin will enable companies to easily integrate blockchain technology into their existing systems, having the effect of democratizing access to this technology for more legacy business models.

“I am very happy with the formal realization of this partnership, the result of a collaboration that began months ago and has led us to structure a relationship of sincere trust. This partnership is part of AstraKode’s broader plan to offer clients a rich set of services for developing their own solutions, in line with the specific and heterogeneous needs they may have. And rBlox’s services become an essential ingredient in achieving this goal.” said Fabiano Izzo, the CEO of AstraKode.

rBlox’s new collaboration with AstraKode can be seen as a major step forward in the development of enterprise blockchain solutions. With these two companies' offerings, enterprise customers now have access to a complete suit of business blockchain tools at competitive prices.

About AstraKode

AstraKode is an innovative start-up company founded in 2021 and based in Italy. The company specializes in modeling enterprise solutions, with a focus on blockchain and DTLs. Astrakode’s mission is to make complex enterprise technologies more accessible and user-friendly for any business through abstraction and low code.

The company’s flagship product is AstraKode Blockchain (AKB), a web-based, low-code platform for assisted (enterprise) blockchain development.

About rBlox 

rBlox, a start-up founded in 2021 by Armenian and French entrepreneurs, aims to help companies leverage blockchain technology to improve their security, scalability, and latency, so they can increase transactions per second, optimize costs and grow their revenue.

This product integrates directly into all non-PoW blockchain network libraries, generating faster yet more secure transactions with the benefit of reduced CPU and electricity consumption.

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